Our goal is to partner with  SIETAR organizations worldwide, particularly SIETAR USA, Young SIETAR, and the affiliated SIETAR organizations around the globe, to help us create a platform for building membership and increasing visibility.  To support our mission, we ask for your support in the following

  • Participating in emails and community fora and bolstering our social media presence.
  • Sharing the news of our group with prospective allies and new members.
  • Using your brilliance and thought leadership to create LGBTQ-related workshops, panels, and seminars at SIETAR to increase the knowledge around LGBTQ issues.
  • Connecting us to partner intercultural and/or LGBTQ organizations around the globe whose interests may be aligned with ours.

We are a growing and evolving community and we encourage you to find ways to get involved and leave a positive imprint on the LGBTQ special interest group.  Our group would not be possible without the work and dedication of our members and the stewardship and support of SIETAR as a whole.

Get involved today and become a foundational member of the LGBTQ SIG!