Birds in Arrow

The LGBTQ Caucus is be a voluntary and international membership group within SIETAR, whose members consist of LGBTQ interculturalists and their allies, in order to promote the advancement of LGBTQ issues on a global scale.  Accordingly, the purpose of the SIETAR LGBTQ Caucus is three-fold:

  • To advance scholarship and thought leadership on LGBTQ issues globally;
  • To support and advance the unique needs of LGBTQ interculturalists, especially as it pertains to professional development, inclusion, and safety;
  • To provide a non-competitive forum for LGBTQ interculturalists and other diversity and inclusion practitioners to fellowship, share “suggested practices,” and build community.

Even with these objectives, the question may be asked: why is a LGBTQ special interest group needed for SIETAR?  In response, we offer the following context:

  1. Studies show that more millennials are coming out and identifying as LGBTQ, suggesting that sexual and gender diversity will only become more prominent in future years.
  2. LGBTQ rights has become a prominent human rights issue across the globe, signifying the importance of LGBTQ issues to the field of inter-culturalism.
  3. Given the continued stigmatization of LGBTQ people worldwide, the needs of LGBTQ inter-culturalists are distinct and merit critical attention to ensure the safety, integrity, and legitimacy of LGBTQ inter-culturalists within the SIETAR network.

We are proud to represent and advocate on behalf of LGBTQ people worldwide.  We believe our work is critical to sustaining intercultural work in the future.